Have you ever thought about being part of the artistic process in a painting?
If youʻve every considered commissioning a piece of artwork, Iʻm taking a limited amount of commissions at this time, so now is your opportunity.

Hereʻs how it works:

Please fill out this contact sheet and Iʻll send you a questionnaire that will help me understand what you want for your commission. 

I will send you a quote and if you decide to go forward, I will invoice you in three phases (1/3 of the cost each phase):
Phase 1: Sketch/Mockup of the Piece
Phase 2: Beginning of paint on canvas
Phase 3: Finalization/Shipping of the painting to you. 

Thatʻs it! Please note that it does take a few months for the entire process, but you will own an original piece of Tanya Masaniai artwork that you helped to create. 

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