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Raised on the beautiful island of Tutuila, I was blessed to have access to artists, story-tellers, historians, and elders who shared their lives and experiences with us freely.
I have always felt a connection between my artwork and culture and legacy of my Pacific nation. Although many of the pieces have intricate details which are known only to few, I am honored by the excitement and emotions the artwork sparks in those who have acquired them.

  • Moe Manatunatu

    "Moe Manatunatu"- “For if you want sight and insight into my psyche, you will have to speak to the gods who inhabit it. You have to eavesdrop on the dialogue between my ancestors and my soul. You have to address my sense of belonging...I am not an individual; I am an integral part of the cosmos. I share divinity with my ancestors, the land, the seas and the skies. I am not an individual, because I share a tofi (an inheritance) with my family, my village and my nation. I belong to my family and my family belongs to me. I belong to my village and my village belongs to me. I belong to my nation and my nation belongs to me. This is the essence of my sense of belonging.” - Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Ta’isi Efi

    Inspired by these beautiful words, this painting was born to show how our ancestors truly are a part of who we truly are.

    Moe Manatunatu 
  • Kanaloa

    Giclee Canvas print of the Polynesian deity, Kanaloa (Hawaii), Tagaloa (Samoa), Tagaroa (Aotearoa), Tangaroa (Rarotonga), known as the god of the ocean, and creator of the islands and the people of the Pacific.

    Each leg of the deity depicts the marks of the area of the Pacific to which it points. 

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