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Tanya Masaniai Ibarra Art

"Legend of Turtle & Shark"

"Legend of Turtle & Shark"

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The Legend of the Turtle & Shark depicts the ancient story of the magic of the village of Vaitogi in Samoa. The legend is different depending on who tells it, but two people (some say two lovers, some say a mother and daughter, or grandmother and granddaughter) escaped from oppression in their home land and found refuge in the village of Vaitogi. There, they were accepted and cared for.

After a time, the chief of their homeland found them, and before he could reach the land, they ran to the local sage (wise one) to see what could be done. They said they just wanted to be together. So the sage told them to jump off the steep treacherous cliffs of the village and they would be able to be together forever. The cliffs were constantly bombarded by the fierce waves of the ocean, making this suggestion more than difficult.

They longed to remain together in safety, and decided to do as was advised, and jump from the cliffs. Instantly, they were changed into a turtle and a shark. Legend states that they now live in peace and tranquility in the seas near the village. To this day, when the children of the village sing a special song to them, they once again make their appearance at the edge of the cliffs to show that they are indeed reunited again.

**Each giclee is printed and hand-stretched on 1.5" deep canvas. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing time before shipping**
  • This beautiful canvas is printed on acid-free poly-cotton base
  • Mounting brackets are included
  • Open Edition
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